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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use myDealCompass?

It’s simple. Use the map or list to browse for deals that you want. Search for deals nearby using the map locator. Use the categories on the left to narrow down the deals on your map. 

If “where” of the deal is less important than just finding great deals, use the “list” tab and you’ll see all deals. Again, you can check on or off categories to narrow down the kinds of deals you’re seeing.

Toggle back and forth between the “where” and the “what” by using the view buttons at the bottom right.


Why should I create an account?

Creating an account on myDealCompass enables you to utilize a whole host of additional features. You can start accessing deals you redeemed through the website on your mobile phone. You can also use the history of redeemed deals to remember places you have been in the past and quickly find the new deals those places are offering. We will continue to add new features!

Why should I download your mobile app?

Downloading myDealCompass provides you with the most convenient method of coupon redemption. The myDealCompass mobile app enables quick access to your redeemed deals. Most importantly, the mobile app allows you to quickly find deals no matter where you are. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!

How much does all of this cost?

myDealCompass is a completely free service to deal seekers, however, standard text messaging rates will apply if you redeem a deal through SMS.

What happens to my personal information?

We have no intentions to send you anything that you do not request or sign up for. We will also guard your information like it’s our own and never share it with anyone else without your explicit consent.

How can I share myDealCompass and get more deals?

The power of the myDealCompass platform is you, the deal seeker. Get involved by requesting deals from companies in your area through our simple request feature. Share the myDC mission through social media, word of mouth, or any other method you can think of. Most of all, let member companies know that you appreciate their deal when you visit their store. A little thanks goes a long way!


Why should I sign up for myDealCompass?

We’d like to help you get more customers in your store and make your life a little easier. Signing up will help you reach more customers, provide you with real-time feedback, while harnessing the promotional power of NWA Media, which includes the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, four daily newspapers in Northwest Arkansas, nine weekly newspapers and the region’s largest web site. We will be promotion myDealCompass and the participating businesses on a regular basis. You pay nothing for the marketing. Just offer great deals and we’ll make sure to get the word out!

How does myDealCompass help me reach more customers?

When you sign up for service, your deal is immediately available to the entire world. This includes locals, out-of-town visitors, that guy five states away who is planning a trip in the near future, absolutely everyone. Your deal and business information is also provided to search engines to help increase the visibility of your business and your deal!

How does myDealCompass reduce my overhead?
We have experience in the retail and food industries and know firsthand the cost of launching, maintaining, and evaluating advertising campaigns. We urge you to compare our simple monthly membership to what you do currently. We are 100% sure we can save you money and get better results.
What is "Smart Deal Expiration"?

Every deal redeemed through our platform automatically expires at the end of the day it is issued. Offered a deal that is not working for you? No problem, just change the deal (which goes live instantly) and by the end of the day the old deal will no longer be there. No more deals that are redeemed months after you printed them.

What are "Featured Deals"?

You offer a compelling deal to users (we let you decide what is compelling for your business) and we make sure it is seen by the most eyes possible. A featured deal is highlighted on the site and mobile apps in addition to being accompanied with an exclusive icon on the map. You sign up for any day using the calendar feature in your dashboard and pay one low fee, no hidden charges.


What is myDealCompass?

myDealCompass represents a new community driven platform for businesses and consumers to interact. Businesses of all sizes have an affordable way to post deals in real-time and consumers can provide feedback, secure great deals and continually improve the community by requesting deals from their favorite locations.

Who are the people behind myDealCompass?

This site was developed by a couple of guys who truly enjoy getting good deals. We looked at current models and thought we could do better by creating the myDC community. We asked business and deal seekers what they wanted and the answers were certain. Business owners want an affordable, no-hassle way to interact with customers with measurable results and a cost effective way to do market research. Consumers want an easy coupon service without gimmicks, or gift certificates, and they want to support their favorite local businesses. At myDC we think both sides should get exactly what they want. Let us know how we’re doing!

What is the goal of myDealCompass?

Our goal is to give every business the opportunity to post deals and allow consumers easy access to those deals. No matter the size of the company, myDC provides a cost effective way to post, monitor and modify deals at any time.